Grape Seed Oil is a Perfect Ingredient

 In Euca-Leaf

Grape seed oil is one of five perfect ingredients in Euca-Leaf Soothing Pain Relief. This post will explore the history, uses, and benefits, showing why it is included in this all-natural, high quality ointment.

Grape Seed Oil in History
Grape products have been utilized throughout known history with grape seed oil first referenced about 450 years ago. Italian Emperor Maximilian II granted exclusive rights to produce the oil to a musician who used it to preserve his instruments. Today, it is available as a byproduct of the wine industry. It is non-toxic and well tolerated by anyone who does not have a grape allergy.
Grape seed oil is composed of different beneficial compounds. One of these compounds, bioflavonoids, is a class of antioxidants. According to the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, “bioflavonoids are potentially useful as antioxidants, antivirals, and anti-inflammatories.”
An article published in Nutrition and Metabolic Insights, Grape Seed Oil Compounds: Biological and Chemical Actions for Health, reports that grape seed oil does not just have anti-inflammatory properties. It contains anti-microbial, anti-cancer, and heart protective properties as well. These properties, combined with the other all-natural ingredients in Euca-Leaf, are what makes it effective at significantly reducing sore muscles and stiff joints.
While grapes themselves have been used for food, drink, and medicinally for thousands of years; grape seed oil on its own has a host of uses.
The website Ideahack lists 12 benefits of using grape seed oil on the skin, face, and hair. Here are just two examples:
Healing Wounds: The antimicrobial and antioxidants in grape seed oil can hasten wound healing.
Postpone Aging: Grape seed oil destroys free radicals and moisturizes, keeping the skin looking younger.
Euca-leaf contains five simple, yet powerful ingredients. Grape seed oil is perfect because it contains vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids. These components help reduce inflammation by dilating blood vessels found near the skin’s surface. This dilation process allows the skin to absorb the other all-natural ingredients in Euca-Leaf, enabling this spray or roll-on blend of essential oils to provide fast and effective pain relief.
Grape seed oil has proven health benefits. It assists with relieving inflammation. It helps prevent bacterial growth and protects the skin. On its own, grape seed oil has a multitude of uses. Combined with the other all-natural essential oils in Euca-Leaf’s pain relieving ointment, grape seed oil is the perfect ingredient! If you are interested in learning more about grape seed oil or inflammation relief, please contact us.

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