Naturally Effective Solution for Sinus Headaches

 In Euca-Leaf

Sinus headaches are often triggered by colds or seasonal allergies. If you’ve ever experienced a sinus headache, you know that the pain and discomfort can be debilitating. Caused by inflammation of the nasal passages and excess mucus filling the sinus cavities, painful pressure is often felt behind your eyes and around your nose and cheeks, even your teeth can feel like they hurt. A throbbing head and difficulty breathing through your nose leads to exhaustion.

Over the counter medications can relieve some of the symptoms of a sinus headache, but they often have the unpleasant side effect of making you feel tired, groggy and unable to concentrate for hours. Euca-Leaf, our all natural pain relief solution has the ability to deliver quick pain relief and more, without unwanted side effects or harmful ingredients. The main pain relieving ingredient in Euca-Leaf, eucalyptus, has healing properties that begin working with your first inhalation of the aromatic refreshing scent and continue after it is applied directly over painful areas.
When you’re feeling stuffed up, inhaling the aroma of eucalyptus activates cold receptors in your nose, opening the nasal passages making it feel easier to breathe. Our convenient roll-on applicator also delivers pain relief directly to the source. Euca-Leaf contains skin healthy oils of jojoba and grape seed that allow the beneficial properties of eucalyptus to penetrate the skin and relieve pain and inflammation with no side effects that leave you feeling lethargic. Naturally occurring chemicals in eucalyptus can also reduce excess mucus production and inhibit bacterial growth that can lead to a sinus infection.
There have long been other products on the market, lotions and rubs that promote easier breathing and relief for aches and pains, but Euca-Leaf is unique because of the high quality, all natural ingredients we’ve chosen for our formula. The ingredients all have the purpose of delivering direct relief. There are no petroleum products, fillers or preservatives in Euca-Leaf because none are needed. We know you care about using safe, natural and healthy ingredients whenever possible for you and your family. Contact us to learn more about our products and to add them to your medicine cabinet so you’ll be ready when you need relief.

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