Vitamin E: Yesterday and Today

 In Euca-Leaf

Vitamin E is one of Euca-Leaf’s important ingredients. Most people know that this vitamin is an antioxidant, and can be found naturally in foods such as wheat germ, nuts, sunflower seeds, salmon, and red sweet pepper. But do you know the interesting history behind Vitamin E? It all begins with some curious researchers and a few rats.

A Brief History
The year: 1922. The place: University of California in Berkeley. The curious researchers: Dr. Herbert M. Evans and his assistant, Katherine S. Bishop. The rats: healthy for the most part, but the females were sterile. As part of a research project on milk, Evans and Bishop were feeding their rats a unique diet that left the rats unable to bear young. In an effort to fix this problem, they supplemented the rats’ diet with different items, including lettuce, and later wheat germ. With these dietary supplements, the female rats gave birth to healthy pups. During their research, Evans and Bishop discovered Vitamin E, which they called “Factor X,” in the lipid extract of lettuce. It officially became Vitamin E in 1925.
After this discovery, scientists spent a long time trying to figure out what Vitamin E could be used for. It proved to be difficult to analyze. The term “tocopherol” described the aspect of Vitamin E that is essential for the development of babies in the womb and after birth. It wasn’t until 1969 that the USDA called Vitamin E “an essential nutrient for humans.”
What We Know About Vitamin E Today
These days we have a lot more information about the function of Vitamin E. For instance, we know:
  • it is an antioxidant, protecting our skin against damage from free radicals that can harm us and make us look older.
  • it keeps the immune system strong.
  • it helps form red blood cells.
  • it helps prevent blood clots by widening blood vessels.
  • it allows cells to work together to do important things in our body.
As dedicated users and promoters of Euca-Leaf products, we want to say “thank you” to the many scientists and researchers who have contributed to our knowledge of Vitamin E. We love how this special ingredient in Euca-Leaf helps keep our skin looking great while it also performs healing functions inside our bodies. If you would like to learn more about the amazing benefits of Euca-Leaf, please contact us today.

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