Facts About Australian Oil of Eucalyptus

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The Australian Oil of Eucalyptus is an oil that has been extracted from the Eucalyptus plant that is native to Australia but grown all over the world. The extraction process features steam distillation of leaves from specific Eucalyptus species. The oil has a wide variety of applications, including industrial, fragrance, antiseptic, and other uses. Here are more facts:

Origin & History
Eucalyptus oil was used by Australian Aboriginals to make traditional medicine for treating colds, fever, pains, congestion, and sinus. In 1788, a species of Eucalyptus was discovered growing on Port Jackson’s shores. The First Fleet’s surgeons distilled oil from the plant and used it to treat marines and convicts.
The commercial exploitation of eucalyptus oil was started in 1852 near Victoria, Australia by Bosisto. Eighteen years later, in the 1970s, the oil was being exported worldwide. In the 1880s, surgeons started using eucalyptus oil for antiseptic purposes during surgical procedures.
Between 1918 and 1919, when influenza was a pandemic, the oil was in high demand. Australia’s eucalyptus oil industry was at a peak during the 1940s. However, it faced stiff competition from cheaper oils produced in Portugal and Spain in the 1950s.
If you have ever visited a massage parlor, there is a chance that eucalyptus oil was used on you. The oil has a cooling and soothing effect, which makes it suitable for helping you relax during a massage.
Eucalyptus oil is used to treat influenza, colds, and bronchitis. It is used in the manufacture of cough sweets, inhalants, tablets, and ointments. This is because its antibacterial impacts help to combat pathogenic bacteria attacking the respiratory tract. What’s more, it assists in decongestant and treating the respiratory tract in people with bronchitis.
Soaps and dental care products also use eucalyptus oil for its antibacterial properties. The oil can be used on wounds to safeguard against infection. Contact us to learn more and read our other blogs, to learn more facts.

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