Jojoba Oil Nature’s Perfect Carrier Oil

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More and more people are looking for natural ways to ease the ache of sore joints and muscles. There is keen interest in managing pain topically, rather than relying on oral medications. Much has been learned about essential oils and how they can treat both chronic and acute muscle and joint inflammation, without even having to take medication that may have unwanted side effects. Health practitioners have discovered blends of these oils that are effective forms of pain relief. Essential oils, mixed with carrier oils, like jojoba oil, these blends can either replace or supplement more traditional types of soothing pain.

History of jojoba oil
Jojoba oil’s history goes back to its use as a treatment for wounds by indigenous people in North America. Since then there have been uses for Jojoba oil, including as a lubricant for machinery. However, more recently, Jojoba found a place in the cosmetics industry. Often used to in shampoos, make-up remover, and hydration for dry skin.
Health practitioners also found that jojoba oil was also an excellent carrier oil for other essential oils that could be used for topical pain relief. Jojoba’s heavy, fatty make-up made it perfect for combining with essential oils like eucalyptus to create effective muscle rubs that are good for the body and the planet. Without the addition of high-quality carrier oil like jojoba, essential oils could evaporate before the full benefits of the oil can be felt.
Jojoba oil is close to skin’s sebum, so it doesn’t clog pores and leave your skin feeling greasy. It’s heavy enough to carry an essential oil, while still being a micro-oil that won’t make your skin to break out. This is especially beneficial when combined with essential oils, as it allows the essential oil to work the way it should. Jojoba oil also contains many antioxidants that help fight free radicals, that leave your skin looking aged.
It is difficult dealing with pain, but Euca-Leaf is dedicated to providing high-quality, all-natural products. Contact us to learn more about how Euca-Leaf can help you.

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